Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Few Images from our New Mexico Vacation

Well, back to work. Have to pay to play I guess. The images above are a few selections from the 100's I took over the 3 weeks in and around Taos, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Pecos, and Cimarron. The area was beautiful the entire time we were there. Couple of rain storms did give me some incredible cloud backgrounds. Most days were blue sky's and 70 degrees though (not always good for scenic photographers). My workshop with Craig Varjabedian was fantastic. The light bulb in my head finally "clicked on" during his workshop. I owe him more than the tuition for what he taught me. I would greatly recommend anyone interested in landscape photography to take a workshop from Craig. Great photographer, and just a really incredible person(
While on vacation received an e-mail from the North County Photographic Society that both of my entries into the 13th Annual Photographic Exhibit had won awards and will be hanging for the month of October in the city hall of the City of Encinitas, California. Anyone in the area should stop by to check out the show.
The images above are from top to bottom: San Geronimo Church at Taos Pueblo; Llano Church near Penasco; Rancho de las Golondrinas, near Santa Fe; Fort Union, between Springer and Las Vegas; and a 400 year old morada at an undisclosed location. Enjoy!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Taos Morada, New Mexico

Last Friday, the 3rd, found a road in Taos (Penitante Lane) leading to the historic Taos Morada, originally built in the 1700’s by the Penitante Brotherhood of New Mexico. It’s located northeast of the downtown Taos Plaza, directly behind the Mabel Dodge Lujan compound.
While walking around the buildings, they looked to be in varying degrees of needed repair. I met one of the Brotherhood members of the Morada, David Fernandez, while there. He was a very nice man who took the time to give me a little history of the building, and some insight into the repair work that is starting this week. He is in hopes of being able to start using the building again within the next couple of months, and possibly opening the building to outsiders for meditation and spiritual uses.
These pictures are of Mr. Fernandez, the Morada itself, and the black cross (not the original) that Georgia O'Keeffe used in one of her paintings.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of a Great New Mexico day

We started today with a trip to meet an artist (Ed Samuels) in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. Driving from Taos, we traveled through the Esponola Valley, up to Los Alamos, along the Valles Caldera, and then down to Jemez Springs. The aspens and cottonwood trees were all starting their fall color changes. The sky crystal clear blue, with scattered puffy white clouds. We met Ed at the Los Ojos Bar in Jemez Springs. Couple of beers and a great lunch later, we headed down to Ed's studio. Ed showed us around his 10 acre property, studio, & the area where he was adding a new sculpture studio. Great time with Ed, making a new friend in the process. After our visit, headed back up towards Esponola, then over to Abiquiu to try to catch the setting sun on the above pictured Penitante Morada. Made it with minutes to spare. Afterwards getting a bite to eat at the Abiquiu Inn restaurant. Fantastic meal and an interesting drive up the Rio Grande Gorge to Taos, and our day was done.