Saturday, April 18, 2009

Johnson Canyon, Utah

My wife and I went on a search for an old movie set used for shooting the old Gunsmoke western TV show a few weeks back. We had heard it was east of Kanab, Utah, in Johnson Canyon. Amazingly, we drove right to it. Very easy to find. Anyone wanting directions, let me know. Unfortunately, its fenced off with many "Private Property-Keep Out" signs all around. Did get a few shots with the telephoto, but nothing worth posting as of yet. Will get some on here soon. What I did see were some of the most beautiful cloud patterns. This shot, looking south from the pull-out next to the movie set, really shows the great sky we had that day. The two lone poplar's (or also known as Cottonwood's by some dendrology challenged condominium builder's in Taos) add a nice draw of the eye. Hope you like the picture.

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