Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fantastic Show-Thank you to all!

The show on Saturday was a HUGE success and fantastically attended. We estimated that between 150-200 people come to the event throughout the evening. Thank you to everyone that came by to see me and enjoy my images. Hard to believe that there were still a few bottles of wine & champagne left.
There are going to be quite a few new owners of some Bundy prints as well. Above, I've attached a picture of one of the three walls from the show. It's always a fantastic feeling to have someone appreciate your work so much to want to hang it on their walls. A special thank you to those of you who purchased not only some prints but the book from the show as well. I'll be getting in touch with you all this next week about delivery coordination.
The amount of planning for the event was daunting. Without the help and hard work of the three individuals above, this show would not have happened. From left to right, Gail Stram, Dee Holloway, and Ron Holloway, took large blocks of time out of their personal lives, to not only pull off a great party for my exhibition, but the promotional exposure it brought to the Alta Vista Gardens, who sponsored the whole event. Thank you to "The Kitchen Crew"!!! There was no way this could have been pulled off without you guys.
Now that I have pulled my self back down out of the clouds, its back to real life.........but boy, it was one hell of a ride!!! Thank you all!!

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