Saturday, June 26, 2010

GRAND PRIZE WINNER-6th Annual albuquerqueARTS Magazine Photo Contest

My image "Abiquiu Morada" was recently chosen as the Grand Prize winner by the judges of the albuquerqueARTS Magazine 6th Annual Editor's Choice Photography Contest. Along with the winner's prize, the image will be printed in the upcoming July issue of both the paper and online version's of the magazine. I will post a link to the online version once it is posted to the web. I am very honored to have been chosen from the others entries, and anxiously look forward to seeing the image in print.
Thank you to Albuquerque Arts magazine Editor & Publisher, Stephanie Hainsfurther, Photo Editor Joan Fenicle, and the contest's judges for the acknowledgement and the effort in coordinating the contest and printing the winners.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taos News insert "Tempo" full page ad

Chris & I receive our copy here in Oceanside of The Taos News weekly paper about a week after it actually comes out in Taos. One of our favorite sections to read, is the "Tempo" Arts and Entertainment section of the paper. This week, for some reason, I hadn't perused that section until a couple of nights ago. Flipping through, I was startled to see a very familiar picture. A full page ad for the Enchanted Homes magazine (see previous post). Even though many of you have already seen this image previously, it is surprisingly great fun to be turning a page to see your own image in print, without knowing it was going to be there.