Sunday, August 8, 2010

Web Site updated Portfolio's

Hello All,

Spent part of yesterday and most of today updating my photography web page ( I've added 4 new portfolio's and is even a color section (shock of shocks), totaling over 60 new images!!!! Included are many images from my last time over in New Mexico (last July). Some of that work includes outdoor portrait work I did with Craig Varjabedian around Santa Fe, of which I had not done much of in the past. Check out both the Black & White and Color versions. I am happy with the out come of this new work. I have included a few images from my day long trek with Geraint Smith and Teresa Tamura, up into southeastern Colorado and the Valle Vidal nature preserve. That was a wonderful day of photography. Geraint even got his "Bear" shot!!! Thank you to you both for such an enjoyable time.

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