Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mission San Juan Bautista

These are a few pictures I took at the California Mission San Juan Bautista last weekend, south of San Jose. Just playing around with some different black & white effects on these. The inside of the chapel is spectacular. The fresco painting of the walls was some of the best I have ever seen. Took these pictures with my handheld G10. Will go back with my 5D and a tripod next time for some longer exposure shots.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few shots from this weekend

Chris & I went up to Stockton for the opening of the Altered Landscapes show at the L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery. My image of the Ranchos Church at Night was prominently displayed along with 17 other photographers from around the United States. It was a great show, and the Gallery Director, Jan Marlese was so much fun to finally meet in person.
The day after the show, we went up to the South Bay area, then down to Paso Robles. Most of Friday was a very drab and gray. misty day. Did break out the camera's for a few shots. Took a night shot of a cool looking McDonald's in Lodi, the evening after the show.
The Saturday morning is Paso Robles was beautiful. The roads were just drying out, and some blue skies were finding their way through the clouds. Took a fantastic drive over to Highway 1, through some of the wine area west of Paso Robles. Then down to Morro Bay. Stayed as long as we could before having to head back to Oceanside.

Wonderful trip. Here are a sampling of a few shots from the trip.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Western Ranch Life in New Mexico

This last year brought me to some wonderful "Old West" locales in Northern New Mexico. These 8 Black & White images (of the hundreds I took) were all shot within a couple miles of each other, over a 3 month span. Some were from a small ranch in San Marcos, south of Santa Fe, others from the humongous back pastures of the San Cristobal Ranch, and the rest from the Eaves Movie Set Ranch also in San Marcos. I was not alone in these travels, and many of my companions made these trips all the more memorable. I remember one day standing with Craig & Connie in the middle of a roping arena, with cattle, branding & roping all around us, while it "poured" rain for a good 20 minutes, drenching the three of us, and couldn't have thought of a more wonderful place to be. Another time looking at the face of Alexsandra (from Poland, and the first time in the US) looking with amazement at the Old Time Western town of Eaves Movie Ranch. I could feel her excitement in being in this strange wonderful place. These images are more than just interesting subject matter to me, they are a recording of moments in a very wonderful part of my life. If I convey any of those emotion to you as you view these images, then I have succeeded in my craft. I hope you all enjoy.............