Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few shots from this weekend

Chris & I went up to Stockton for the opening of the Altered Landscapes show at the L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery. My image of the Ranchos Church at Night was prominently displayed along with 17 other photographers from around the United States. It was a great show, and the Gallery Director, Jan Marlese was so much fun to finally meet in person.
The day after the show, we went up to the South Bay area, then down to Paso Robles. Most of Friday was a very drab and gray. misty day. Did break out the camera's for a few shots. Took a night shot of a cool looking McDonald's in Lodi, the evening after the show.
The Saturday morning is Paso Robles was beautiful. The roads were just drying out, and some blue skies were finding their way through the clouds. Took a fantastic drive over to Highway 1, through some of the wine area west of Paso Robles. Then down to Morro Bay. Stayed as long as we could before having to head back to Oceanside.

Wonderful trip. Here are a sampling of a few shots from the trip.

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Becky Charms said...

I love the "candles" shot! Beautiful.. I added it to a Pinterest board. Thanks for the amazing visual inspiration. Have an amazing day!