Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo of the Week - May 2, 2011

This picture is from October 2008. We were heading back to California from Taos, through Tucson. It was getting kind of late in the afternoon, knowing we still had 6+ hours of driving left to get back home. Thought I might be able to squeeze a few sunset shots in of the San Xavier de Bac Mission, southwest of Tucson. The light was wonderful, and very few people around. I was near the far east end of the church compound when I thought I would look back to wave and check that Chris was doing okay in the car. She had been setting in the car while I was strolling around the area taking pictures. Seeing that she was out of the car, using her own camera in between jestering towards the east, I couldn't figure out was going on. I started walking towards her, looking over my shoulder every few steps, until I finally saw what she was being so animated about. Could not have asked for a more beautiful moon rise, and in such a wonderful spot. Take a look at my Photo of the Week image at:

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