Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo of the Week - October 17, 2011

Last September, we drove up to Durango and then Ouray, Colorado for a pickup at a gallery in Durango and to celebrate my birthday. The day's drive from Taos was wonderful. The color hadn't started changing in the trees yet, but it was definitely starting to feel like fall weather. When I was a kid, and again when Chris and I were first married, I had been to Ouray, and had driven the "Million Dollar Highway" from Silverton (check out the link to a You Tube video). I guess the memories of that road had somehow been suppressed, because this time, it FREAKED me out!!! A couple sections of the road seemed they were barely hanging onto the side of the vertical cliff, and it looked like it was 300-400 feet straight down from the side of the road, which only had a white strip as a barrier!!!

Anyway, there was no way I was going to be driving back on that road, so we had to find another way back to Taos. We ended up driving quite a few hours extra, heading down towards Telluride, then towards Delores and Mancos. Because of this extra driving, we came to Rico, Colorado. A beautiful little mountain town, unfortunately obviously having some economic problems. These buildings just grabbed my eye. The blue and orange colors, with the green of the hills behind......I just loved the look.

All-in-all, the extra driving was worth it, because of the new places we visited, and all of the images from the route back. Just a wonderful day.

If you would like a print of this image, or would like to see others from my "Photo of the Week" series, click HERE.


Brian J Lewis said...

It's amazing the places you come across when driving unplanned. Very nice photo Steven. BTW, I know that road, and it scares me also.

nan fischer said...

I may have told you the story about our drive from Ouray to Durango with my mother when I was 10. She was totally freaked out, and I didn't get it. My dad said the road was icy (in August) and winding. I was asleep a good part of the way.

When I was 33, I was traveling with a friend, and we came down that way. As an adult, I, like you, FREAKED OUT! I then understood what my mother was feeling. I have since avoided that road and gone to Telluride festivals via Mancos. lol Chicken shits, we are. :)

Steve B. said...

Thanks Guys. Nice to know I'm not the only "Chicken" out there!!