Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 30, 2012

Our last trip back from Taos, we drove the southern route through Tuscon to San Diego. A large section of the freeway between Casa Grande and Gila Bend is flanked by stands of beautiful saguaro cactus. I have driven through this section of Arizona many, many times. Most times, in such a hurry to get to our final destination we never really stop and appreciate the majesty of these alien looking desert plants. This trip, I was in the 4x4, and found a hidden little road right off the freeway. We drove back a ways, found a shady spot and just sat and looked for a while...thoroughly enjoying the secret place I had happened upon.

This image is one of a few I shot that day. Not many clouds. Bright blue sky. A wonderful warm desert day in November, with great afternoon light highlighting the defense system of the giant saguaro.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 23, 2012

This last weekend, my wife and I watched the movie "Cowboys and Aliens" for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was also a blast to watch because I had taught a couple workshops at the movie ranch where the first and last parts of the movie had been filmed. During the first scenes where Daniel Craig's character came riding into town, I was telling my wife........"I know right where that is"........"I have pictures of that street scene", etc. I'm sure I was starting to get a little annoying to her after a while.

Anyway, above is one of my images of the front of the main saloon that was prominent in the movie, and below is a shot by one of our students, Brad Stamm, of the group at the movie ranch this last summer.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 16, 2012

Last Monday, was the first full moon for 2012, and it was spectacular. I hope that this is a sign of things to come!! This image was a 2 second exposure that gave me the clarity of the moon that I was looking for together with enough blurring of the surf to not distract the viewers eye. I also love the color in the sky....enough to actually not post a black and white version even though this was suppose to be a Black & White image this week. This was taken in Oceanside, CA, near my home. Hope you enjoy.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 9, 2012

On our way back to California last month, we decided to take the southern route through Deming, Tucson and Yuma to avoid a big storm that was dumping a ton of snow on I-40. Along the way, I got a call from my friend Geraint, checking how far down the road we had gone. Being near Socorro he suggested we take some time to go see the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. I thought we might be there an hour or so, and didn't mind taking a little time to pull the camera out anyway. Well.....3 1/2 hours later and the sun setting, I had taken 530 images and was amazed at seeing tens of thousands of birds. Quite the site. I wish I could have stayed longer.

This image was taken from the "Flight Deck" pier. It was cold and I was the only one out on the pier in a t-shirt and a lens under 500mm in size. I guess you could say I looked like a "bird out of water"....HA! It was the time most of the Sandhill Cranes were coming back for the evening. They looked like airplanes coming in for landing. Pretty cool! This image shows a couple of the cranes just about to hit the water, and the sunset colors were spectacular. Hope you like the image.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 2, 2012

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2012.

About a month ago, on our way back from a few days up in Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur, we drove by a very run down old cafe next to the highway. The original builders had decided to incorporate two old trolley cars as book ends to the main portion of the building. It obviously hadn't been used in decades for any kind of a going business..........just the kind of thing I love to take pictures of!!!!

This image is of the old neon sign that sits on top of the roof of the cafe. The printing on the sign is very faded and is kind of hard to see, but the sign reads "Cafe - Dining Cars". Some of the old neon tubes were still there, and I imagine that back in the 1950's this sign "Glowed" at night, since there really wasn't anything else near it.

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