Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo of the Week - January 30, 2012

Our last trip back from Taos, we drove the southern route through Tuscon to San Diego. A large section of the freeway between Casa Grande and Gila Bend is flanked by stands of beautiful saguaro cactus. I have driven through this section of Arizona many, many times. Most times, in such a hurry to get to our final destination we never really stop and appreciate the majesty of these alien looking desert plants. This trip, I was in the 4x4, and found a hidden little road right off the freeway. We drove back a ways, found a shady spot and just sat and looked for a while...thoroughly enjoying the secret place I had happened upon.

This image is one of a few I shot that day. Not many clouds. Bright blue sky. A wonderful warm desert day in November, with great afternoon light highlighting the defense system of the giant saguaro.

If you are interested in a print of this image, or would like to see others in my Photo of the Week series, click HERE.

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