Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photo of the Week - May 6, 2013


Instead of the normal one day photo tour my wife and I usually take around New Mexico, we decided to head north on a week long tour that included stops in Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma an...d New Mexico. This iconic image of a buffalo was taken in Custer State Park in South Dakota. We were just a hand full of patrons in the park this day and were able to drive right in among the herds of buffalo, antelope, white tail deer, and wild burros without any congestion of vehicles or tourists. This big guy was maybe 25 feet away from my camera and perched magnificently on a ridge. We just turned off the engine and sat a watched him and the herd of 30-40 roam around the truck, munch on the grasses, snort and every once in awhile....add a little natural carbon monoxide to the atmosphere.

Here is a link to a cute video of the park:

If you would like to purchase a print of this image or would like to see others in my "Photo of the Week" series, click HERE.

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