Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo of the Week - August 12, 2013

Our last Sunday drive took us from south of Santa Fe up to Ocate and then back home to Taos by 9:30 pm. A total of around 350 miles. Not bad considering we didn't get started until around lunch time. I photographed a roping competition at Clint Mortensen's ranch, then up to Wagon Mound for some buffalo and ended in Los Hueros where this image was taken. The funny part about this image was I had a very pissed off bull huffing & puffing at me and dragging his front feet just like in the cartoons before a charge. He was probably 100 yards away at first and behind a fence, but a typical old wood branch & barb wire New Mexico fence. Once he started really making a yelping sound and got within about 30 feet of me......I told him "You win, I'm outta here", got in the car and drove away. But the light was really amazing.......

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