Monday, January 6, 2014

Photo of the Week - January 6, 2014

We decided to start the New Year off by heading down to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Preserve south of Socorro. We arrived in the afternoon of the 3rd and decided to spend the night to enable us to be back out there at sunrise the next morning. I spent the first 30-40 minutes photographing one of the most beautiful and colorful sunrises I have ever seen. Then just before the sun showing itself I headed over to the "Flight Deck" viewing area just before 10's of thousands of Snow Geese all started taking flight at the same time and producing a roar similar to a small jet heading down a runway. A woman next to me started crying as they flew away and her husband hugging her as she said: "That was the most beautiful site I have ever seen". It was spectacular and there is no way I could ever describe it and do it need to see it to believe it.

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