Monday, March 10, 2014

Photo of the Week - March 10. 2014

Yesterday we drove east from Taos towards Cimarron. The plan was to look for some interesting fishing locals and to maybe end up  at the st. James Hotel for some lunch.....plans changed. There was nothing very interesting at Eagle Nest Lake or the creek down through Cimarron Canyon. Didn't make it to the St. James either. We eventually ended up at the Colfax Tavern (Cold Beer) for lunch and libation. Roger at the tavern told us to head out towards the Dawson Cemetery around dusk and he guaranteed we would see some elk. Driving over I saw nothing....driving back, WOW! I would venture a guess of a herd of between 600-800 elk. They didn't like having my 400 mm lens pointing at them either (gun shy I guess). We followed them along the road back towards Colfax for a good 2 miles giving me dozens of photo ops. The sun back lighting them most of the way.

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