Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo of the Week - March 24, 2014

On a whim we decided to head back up to the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge in Colorado to see if any Sandhill cranes were still hanging around the area. We did see a few, but the thousands that were there just over a week back had all "flown the coop". What few birds that were left were a couple hundred Canadian Geese, lots of different types of ducks and a very persistent Cooper's Hawk that had a knack of flushing out all of the nesting birds in the reeds. It got quite comical watching him dive bomb an area and see all of the hidden birds come flying out of the reeds in all directions. This image is a flyby as he swooped down next to the road we were driving on.....with eyes peered downward for prey (I guess) and any possible annoyance he might be able to inflict.

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