Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Photo of the Week - December 8, 2014

We stayed near the Grand Canyon last Sunday on our way back to Taos from California. Our time there just happened to be timed with the full moon. The full moon set time that morning was also timed with the sunrise time.....all the signs were lining up for us this morning. This image is from Hopi Point along Hermit Road which is usually closed to vehicle traffic except for about 6 weeks in December & January.....again more signs lining up!! It was cold and pretty dark when we arrived and we were the first ones there. Another very unique event, especially at the Grand Canyon. What I witnessed that morning with the sunrise and the moon set happening at opposite views of Hopi Point at the same time was spectacular and I have 100's of beautiful images to prove that point. 

If you are interested in purchasing a print of this image or would just like to see a better resolution version of the image, click HERE or the title text above. If you would like to see others in my "Photo of the Week" series, click HERE to go to the catalog page of my web site.

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