Monday, June 22, 2015

Photo of the Week - June 22, 2015

Coming back from our un-scheduled California road trip we decided to spend the night in Holbrook, Arizona. We found an old Route 66 motel (Globetrotter Lodge) that has been lovingly restored to its 1950's style that just happened to be right across the road from the historic Wigwam Motel. Being there at sunset, with Jupiter & Venus next to the setting crescent moon made for a spectacular evening view. This image was again with my handheld G10 camera, perched on top of an old tree stump. Not knowing if I could hold the camera steady enough in this low light, I took about 7-8 images of this scene. About half turned out nice. This was one of those. Thank god for that old stump!!

If you are interested in purchasing a print of this image or would just like to see a better resolution version of the image, click HERE or the title text above. If you would like to see others in my "Photo of the Week " series, click HERE to go to the catalog page of my web site.

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