Thursday, August 27, 2015

Photo of the Week - August 24, 2015

We took the long way back from Denver a few days back and explored around the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in eastern New Mexico. We were the only "humans" there for the couple hours that we were driving around the area. The amount of wildlife there was amazing though. This particular scene was especially memorable in that I had stopped to photograph a juvenile hawk in a tree near the road. The bird was fine for a while as I watched it pruned some of it's baby feathers away, but then it started to screach...a lot. I could hear other hawks in the distance making the same sound. Within a couple & dad hawks had arrived, and were not to happy. I mentioned to Chris right then that she needed to be out of the way in case I had to dive back into the truck. Right then both mom & dad jumped up off of the branch and screached......right as I was snapping some pictures. But in my haste of bailing out of the way, I managed some shots of some tail feathers and a lot of blue sky. Scared the crap out of me!!!

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