Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Photo of the Week - August 15, 2016

I took a couple from Chicago out on a photo tour of the area and one of their requests was to finish the drive in a good sunset location. I had warned them ahead of time that I can put them in a good spot but it is up to Mother Nature to following through on the deal. Last night they were not disappointed. The hard part was on my end....making sure I timed the arrival in time for a quick setup of the equipment. I think I succeeded this time. This image is just one of quite a few shutter clicks I snapped off in about 10 minutes of great color. I look forward to seeing what they were able to capture.

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Adel Uyeda said...

We really enjoyed the whole experience. Not only for the lessons but taking us to the beautiful scenic areas, was a big bonus! Can't wait to see what pictures we got. Again, thank you for sharing your passion. Keith and Adel.